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Day 3 at Twyford St Mary’s CE School – Wildlife –


And sadly this was our last day at Twyford St Mary’s CE School. In the morning Year 4/5 completed their animation and in the afternoon we worked with Key Stage 1 and Reception to bring to life the charming drawings create yesterday You can see the fabulous result below.

Lady-bird-and-robin-Y2-3              year-1-fish-&-instec-Y1-2

We have animated an edwardian car, a barn owl, a robin, a centipede, a butterfly and a wiggly worm. We have also taken a time-lapse of the full day of work and compressed it in a swirling fast “behind the scene” showing the animation process.

reception             reception-2

Later on, these animated loops will be integrated in the final animation.

We would like to take the chance to thanks all the students of St Mary for their enthusiasm and hard work, they have been wonderful! And all the staff, we have received a warm welcome and an incomparable enthusiasm towards the project!

car-2            MAKING-OF-1-slow

Author: Kim Noce

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