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FARCUME Festival de Curtas-Metragens de Faro, Faro, Portugal,

The Water Bearer  will be screened  at 2014 FARCUME: Festival de Curtas-Metragens de Faro, Faro, Portugal, between the 27 a 30 August

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FARO 1540 – Association for the Defense and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Heritage of Faro, after the success of the last three editions of FARCUME – Short Films Festival of Faro, is organizing the 4th edition of this Festival to be held in the city of Faro from 27 to 30 of August, 2014.

It is intended that in this edition the goals already reached in last editions in terms of quality and participation will be consolidated and that the Festival will stand as an international and cosmopolitan Festival. It is noted that FARCUME will have, from this year onwards, an extension in Brazil , in the city of Boa Vista , in Paraíba , named as FARCUME Brazil . Therefore FARCUME happens to be one of the biggest festivals of Luso-Brazilian short films, with strong advantages in exchange of works, methods and knowledge between the filmmakers, screenwriters and actors from both countries, in addition to boosting the cultural politics of the two cities involved, engage their identities and enhance their local potential.

The main purpose of this Festival remains the same: publicize and launch new talents as well as promote near the public the excellent works that are done in this area but not always have the desired and deserved promotion.

In other words, FARCUME within an informal environment, good mood and relaxed atmosphere intents to reward and recognize the dedication, commitment, creativity and merit of directors, actors and technical teams that, with modest means, can develop works of great quality.

Given the principles and goals of ” FARO 1540 ” , which even has the status of NGO (Non Governmental Environmental Organization) the Festival will continue to have a strong environmental concern and sensitivity alerting participants not to present short movies claiming or encouraging disrespect for the environment, human rights inequality or animal abuse. It will be further developed an Environmental Management Plan specifically ” designed ” for this event to ensure optimization of the resources needed for the promotion and accomplishment of the event and management of generated wastes. As in the previous editions FARCUME will be a “Zero Carbon initiative” , ie , it will be completely free from carbon emissions, one of the elements responsible for the greenhouse effect that contributes to the climate change phenomena .

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