The Water Bearer

Making Of and Blog for the animation "The Water Bearer" about Twyford Waterworks

Animation by post

Sending off frames and Material back and forth to the animators

Assistant Animator Clare Aburn TWT Animation


With the visuals approved and the characters chosen, we can get started on the storyboard. This is our favourite time as all the creative juices get squeezed together to create a compelling narrative without worrying ( yet ) about the perfectionism.

Here below the first pages. the full storyboard comprises of 12 pages and around 336 sketchesSTORYBOARD

Clare Aburn: Assistant Animator

On Our team we have Clare Aburn as Assistant Animator creating some of the loops for the animation.


Clare is an animator and illustrator, who in 2012 graduated from an MA in animation from the UCA in Farnham. Over the past year Clare has worked on several short films, and plans to continue to develop her skills within the animation industry.

You can view her work on Vimeo at


Here the full animatic for the animation

request password to view

Jonathan Carr: the screenwriter

The screenwriter Jonathan Carr will be writing our script for Twyford Waterworks.

He recently graduated from the NFTS and he was the co-writer of ‘The End of an Era’ an animation that won the BBC/Open University climate change competition

Character Design

After many sketches and scratches on the head we came out with two Designs for Mr Latham and Mr Stone: which one do you prefer?


And the winner is…

We had a hard time to choose between the splendid Designs created by the students of Twyford St Mary CE School.

But we had to choose… here below the winners!

Special Mention : JOE

Third Place : BRONTE

Second Place: KATY



The toad will be included in the film and animated by a professional animator… here below the final design and a test for the animation

photo-101                      Frog-2-SMALL-250

All the designs were truly amazing, so imaginative and full of details, but we had to select only one winner. To choose the winner we had to take in consideration “character”, “style” and “economy of shapes” for the animation, Daphne’s design needed simplifying to be animated in an economical way. We lost the dots and the hat but we kept the shape, the huge eyes and the warming contagious smile.